Hi, I'm Robyn and I believe that the way we digest our food is the way we “digest” our life. If something is off with our bellies - we’re eating too quickly, giving ourselves way too much to eat at any given meal and our guts are unhappy, our lives are going to reflect that.

How do we fix this? You'll learn all that and more on Day One of The Chewing Challenge.

Do you want to feel full for longer, have a flatter stomach, and skip around from all the energy you have?

You're invited to join me for The Chewing Challenge!

In just three weeks, I’ll teach you the game-changing tool that took me three years to learn, then quickly became my secret key to optimal health. You'll receive daily emails with coaching, tips, recipes, inspiration and more!!

Check out just a few of the success stories following participation in The Chewing Challenge!

I've struggled with digestion for as long as I can remember.  For the last 3-4 years, my constipation got so bad that I would go 10 days without a trip to the bathroom.  In a typical week, I'd go 2-3 times.  I've been on a health journey since finding out I was intolerant to dairy in 2010. I found a naturopath and went the more natural route with probiotics, HCL, and a gluten-free diet.  I've spent thousands of dollars on testing for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormone imbalances, SIBO, and food intolerances.  While the results were super interesting and even game changing for reasons other than digestion, nothing seemed to help with constipation.

After thousands more dollars spent on follow-up appointments and supplements to fix what we found, I still wasn't pooping. Fast-forward six months to when I met you and you told me about the 21 day chewing challenge.  All I heard was "Nobody's pooping. You need to start chewing", and I was in!  I started the challenge and noticed an improvement in 48 hours.  Of the 21 days, I pooped 18!  I'd call that revolutionary and it was SO simple...yet not always easy. Every time I have a mouthful of food, I think, "is this mush? Could I chew a few more times before swallowing?".  Social situations can be difficult as is eating salad, but there's no going back now.  

Additionally, the challenge has changed my relationship with food.  So many things that I was eating, I found I didn't really like. If I didn't want to chew it, I am not eating it anymore.  I realized I was eating for pleasure/stimulation/distraction, rather than health and sustenance more often than not.  It's a journey and I have a long way to go, but just being aware of how quickly I'm swallowing and how food feels in my mouth is a huge improvement in my overall health.  I am so grateful to have met you and to have this tool to help me along the way.  Thank you for putting this out into the world!

Eryn Marshall

It really is amazing how satisfied I am with less food with more chewing. I now understand thin people who can push away their plate. Thank you Robyn for helping us all with this. I am amazed that this simple act can make me feel content.

Laurie Cottier

I was introduced to Robyn’s programs and thought, “How could anyone chew until liquid?” But when she offered a 21-day Chewing Challenge I decided to take the plunge. Three weeks later, I’ve lost six pounds, my skinny jeans fit better than ever, and I feel incredibly energized. If you’re looking to make a change or are tired of getting so-so results, try one of Robyn’s programs!

Meghan S.